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Commissioning an item

For the commissioning of an item we will need to have all your contact details so we can agree a meeting place and time. It would be helpful if this meeting was at our studio to enable you, the client, to appreciate the processes of producing bespoke stonemasonry creations.

During this meeting, the client can view our extensive gallery of items which may give inspiration for the final item. The variable elements of any design are many, eg. Stone type and colour, size of the item, interior or exterior destination, typeface of any lettering, paint colours and types, delivery and installation and finally costs.

Having agreed on the requirements a sketch will be produced and this will be further discussed and agreed. It is at this point that a time-scale will also be discussed. A contract of all the agreed specifications will be signed and a ’deposit of commitment’ will be paid so that work can be started.

Costs of stonemasonry will vary enormously due to the many variables shown above. A rouge guide for example:-

A small 15 lettered house sign in slate may cost approx £300 or a large detailed sculpture of a Green Man in Bath stone could cost £6000 plus. Size, stone type and the amount detail required are large components of the price of stonemasonry.


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